rectal exam in all trauma patients??

I was discussing this with one the SEH doc’s from either AMC or VU… don’t remember.
But maybe the artikels mentioned in this blog might convince the trauma surgens overthere??

If I do a rectal exam in a trauma patient I always do it while the patient is being logrolled… anybody follows the advise of this blogger?



3 thoughts on “rectal exam in all trauma patients??

  1. Ik doe het zeker niet bij alle trauma patiënten, maar áls ik het doe altijd bij de logroll. Kan me niet goed bedenken wanneer en in welke positie het anders zou moeten, bijv bij verdenking instabiele wervelfracturen oid…iemand andere technieken?

  2. It seems a little difficult to me to put the patient lateral decub position if you are suspecting spinal cord trauma. In both other cases I don’t see why you couldn’t do the exam later on, but again only if you’re sure there is no spinal cord injury.

  3. If I decide to do a rectal exam, it’s in the primary survey during logroll. Of course I explain to the patient what I’m going to do. Personally have not encountered intubations because of rectal examination exacerbation during trauma…

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